Services: Armed & Unarmed Security


Best Armed and Unarmed Security services in Sangli

The duty as a security guard or a security officer at Om Sai Safeguard Services Pvt Ltd is to avoid and discourage crime. Security guards are sometimes called upon to protect lives and property. When required, security officers may also act to restrain, monitor and arrest. The primary responsibility of a guard is to thwart criminal activity on the estate of his employer. Our guard is also responsible for safeguarding his employer, clients, customers, or residents from injury. The Om Sai Safeguard Services Pvt Ltd Watchmen often wear uniforms and are equipped with radios, alarms, cameras, and scanners.

The services we offer to customers:

  • Monitoring: A watchman must be alert and swift to detect any attempts to damage property or injure residents in an efficient surveillance job. In general, guards at a security desk control live feeds from surveillance cameras strategically located around the premises. To remain alert against potential threats, mobile watchmen routinely patrol an employer's premises.
  • To Deterrent: Any measure of deterrence against illegal activity is offered by the presence of security services. However, these security guards often have constructive duties designed to hold undesirable elements at bay. Watchmen are in charge of implementing the policies of an employer, especially regarding protection. In granting permission to enter or leave a building, they exercise discretion and perform security screenings to ensure that no person planning to commit an illegal crime such as burglary or arson is permitted in or out.
  • First Response: The first to respond to accidents and emergencies are watchmen. It is his responsibility to take care of the situation if a watchman detects an incident on the premises. For example, if a person attempts to obtain unauthorized access, the watchman removes him from the premises. However, there are occasions when extra assistance is required, such as when the watchman is witnessing a crime or responding to an emergency. 
  • Administratorship: There are also administrative duties for Watchmen, such as guiding visitors and writing daily logs and monthly reports on a house's security status. The guard is often the first person to meet guests, so must be approachable, informative, and provide the appropriate guidance.
  • Guard of Armed Defense: Guns are not carried by most police officers and guards. Any of our security guards in Sangli carry and use guns on the job, such as batons, handguns, and pepper spray, all of which have licenses and training as an armed security guard, plus time on the field of shooting.